Automakers slow down production

The chip shortage isn’t ending tomorrow, or next month.  Motor Trend reported that North American auto production will be cut by 2.1 million units, while the global number will exceed 8.1 million.

Yahoo! News reports that the largest U.S. automaker will halt production next week at its Fort Wayne plant in Indiana and its Silao plant in Mexico, both of which build pickup trucks. In total, GM is cutting production at eight North American assembly plants in September.

Silicon chips are harder and harder for automakers to come by.  They are necessary for everything from safety systems to infotainment systems.  But automakers of course aren’t the only companies looking for chips.

Smart phone makers, appliance companies, home entertainment, consumer electronics, and an ever-increasing number of companies are looking for chips.

The trickle down effect is causing issues for distributors as well.  The largest manufacturers of PCBs, silicon chips, crystals, transistors, and other products are prioritizing their largest clients.   Those with the largest buying power, who can afford to overpay for silicon chips, are being prioritized by manufacturers.

Where does that leave smaller and medium-sized enterprises looking for help?  What about those who can’t afford to pat 3, 4, or 5 times the normal price for their chips?

Well, that’s where Spectrum Components come in.  Not only were we prepared for a shortage before the pandemic exacerbated this issue, but we have been stocking up in preparation for the shortages to continue.

We are still fully stocked in many of the components you are looking for.  It doesn’t matter whether you are GM or Ford, or a small electronics manufacturer in the northeast.   We are here to help, and we are ready to help fulfil your needs.

Give us a call and we will be here to help.

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